Yii Framework Using Phergie

The increasingly popular Yii Framework project recently implemented a Phergie bot, which they’ve named YiiBot, in their #yii IRC channel on the Freenode network. One of their developers, tydeas, has made a few appearances in the #phergie channel to ask questions and discuss Phergie. He has produced several custom Phergie plugins for use in YiiBot. We’re very excited at this development and hope that the Yii project continues to use and extend Phergie, and perhaps even contribute some of their plugins back to the project!

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2 Responses to “Yii Framework Using Phergie”

  1. Jared Folkins

    Go Phergie! Go Yii!


  2. tydeas

    Hello there thanks for mentioning our YiiBot. I still had no time to publish the custom plugins i made and i am really sorry about that.
    Where i want to stand and please correct this info in your post, is that i am not a yii developer just a user of the framework. Just to avoid misunderstanding.
    Again thanks.

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