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Published: 09/11/2015

"We're all fine here"

It has been a while since there has been an update here. If you haven't checked in with us in a while there is some news we would like to share.

Late August of 2015 Matthew Turland, the original author and project lead, reached out to test the waters on the idea of passing the leadership torch of the Phergie project. Matthew Trask And Joe Ferguson took co-leadership of the project shortly after while Matthew Turland has stayed on in an advisory role.

What does this mean? nothing. We plan on continuing reviewing pull requests, bug reports, and working on making Phergie awesome. If you have any questions please feel free to drop by #phergie on the Freenode channel.

One thing all three of us would like to see is to make Phergie more inviting to contributors. We all heavily support PHPMentoring.org and would like Phergie to be an easy project for new contributors and even first time open source contributors to join and learn.

We have moved our wiki documentation to this website to encourage pull request to help make the documentation better. We have also moved from our WordPress site to using Sculpin to make it easier for possible contributors to help build this site.

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